Inguinal Hernia Video - Videos cover different topics about Inguinal Hernia

I have doing some research about the best videos available for inguinal hernia on internet. I found few of them and i am posting them here. I am sure that there are lot more and your interest in the subject will lead you to find even better resources than this. Enjoy the videos.

  • Animation of Inguinal Hernia:
  • Patient Education about Hernia Repair Inguinal (Laparoscopic)1:

  • Another Video about Hernia Repair Inguinal (Laparoscopic)2:
Video for both health profesisonals and non-medical viewers or patients. This video is about repair of inguinal hernia using another technique called Total extraperitoneal hernia repair:
  • Technique of Laparoscopic Total Extraperitoneal repair for inguinal hernia3: 
This video is for medical professionals as it describes the procedure in detail: Watch this one as well (guess which technique the surgeon is using?)4: Source: 1. 2. v=mbZfeMX-gMA 3. 4.  

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  1. I had surgery for an indirect inguinal hernia. I`m recovering pretty well after just one week and am documenting it here: