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I did transaction twice on site and i was very glad that i found this site. They have vast amount of payment options because its not built into system but gives freedom to users to pay via there own chosen method while at the same time control bitcoins using the site system and release by themselves at there own discretion.

I had few Euros in my skrill/moneybookers account and i just could not think what to do with them until i found this site. It allowed me to purchase the bitcoins by skrill payment.

NOTE 1: Make sure that you compare the rates before posting the trade, some users post a good price while others post a very low price.

After some time i wanted to sell my bitcoins and now again i compared all prices by users and few methods.

NOTE 2: Users with Western Union and Moneygram and similar payment methods post good rates but there is a fee for sending such payment. For one country to my country it was 11 dollars. This makes the deal very expensive and you lose money with small amount transactions.

Anyway i choose someone from my own country to sell my bitcoins and also who was giving me best rate.

From the site:

Trade bitcoins in 7541 cities and 240 countries

This means you will always find someone dealing with bitcoins in your own country, this saves money and prevent you from spending on fees for international transactions!

How i sold Bitcoins:

The buyer asked me to enable escrow and i did it and than he transferred the amount via online banking and one i confirmed payment i released the bitcoins. The deal went smooth. After the deal the site provides feedback forms to both buyer and seller and this way it keeps users knowledgeable about scammer etc.

NOTE 3: see this image to understand the ratings to find newbies, experienced users etc:

The removed text is usernames, after that there is number of deals user did and after that the feedback score. 100% means that all deals went ok with other user leaving positive feedback. Less than 100% means that some deals did not went ok and other user left negative feedback. At the end the round icon means online or not online. Green means user is online and active. Less green shades mean that user was online and active few hours ago and grey means not online for sometime.

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