Assessment of Quality of Care Provided at Government Hospitals around the World

It is very important that the health institutions are subjected to regular monitoring of quality of care they provide because measuring these will automatically improve the quality. The tertiary care centers and specialist centers around the world will benefit from this assessment in many ways. I am outlining few parameters to determine the quality of health provided at health institutions.

·         Safety (Minimize medical errors and adverse events)
·         Effectiveness (Maximizing intended health outcome)
·         Patient-centeredness (Better treatment decisions by focusing on patients and family)
·         Timeliness (Minimizing delay between onset of illness and initiation of treatment)
·         Efficiency (Provide maximal cost effective care)
·         Equity (Care of equal quality to all)
·         Technology and Equipment
·         Technical Competence
·         Interface with other services
·         Relationship with affiliated institutions
·         Monitoring of quality of care
·         Coordination of work
·         Leadership
·         Overall quality of care
·         Better Outcomes compared with other institutions in:
o   Mortality
o   Morbidity
o   Readmission rate
o   Functional status of patient
o   Quality of life after treatment

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