How to Download from Seedbox: Automatic and Resumable

Seedboxes is a nice thing to have. It takes care of your ratio on private trackers. Alongwith that some seedbox providers offer additional services free of charge like VPN, one-click hosting website downloads, Linux SSH etc. FTP clients like filezilla are the most advertised way to download from seedbox but it they have problems like unable to remember queue and also no-resume capability!

There are other solutions like Rsync. Its a great little program and it monitors the directory and only updates the changed part of that directory thus the completed downloads always remain synchronized. But the problem is you need to have Linux on both machines. But if you have windows than though there are some programs which let Rsync work on Windows machine but they are prone to have lot of errors!

There is another way a python script which Pushes the contents of /torrents/completed to your home computer if you set up a DNS for your home computer with sites like or but again they produce errors and sometimes they work but sometimes they do not!

I have found that the most automatic and resumable way to download from seedbox is via Free Download Manager! I found while reading my seedbox's wiki (bytesized).

So here are the steps:

Download Free Download Manager Lite

You will have this: Go to Options -> Settings -> Essentials: Select Load on startup

Than go to Site Explorer:

Type you ftp address as:

Now go to /torrents/completed on your seedbox and select Download. Depending upon your setting (Options - > Settings) it will start downloading files one at a time or 5 at a time and will queue remaining files. Now even if you shutdown your compute and later on  restart it the FDM will auto-connect and automatically resume the downloads from where it left off without requiring any intervention from you. Useful if electricity in your area goes out and you have a UPS only to shutdown the computer safely.

Make sure that you type you username and password carefully without leaving any space.

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