Mayo Hospital Inpatient Building in the Shape of a Christian Cross!

Mayo Hospital is a Tertiary Care hospital in Lahore city, in Pakistan. This hospital came into existence in 1871 during the British occupation of the region and it continue to expand even today.

The other day watching Mayo Hospital inpatient building via Google maps i made a startling discovery; it was in the shape of a Cross! Yes a clearly identifiable cross shaped building.
Below is a screenshot of Google maps with encircled building and few labels to identify the structure and orientation. Following this picture is a live demonstration.

Mayo Hospital Inpatient building in the shape of Cross

If you are a Muslim like me and Live in Pakistan and do not believe this than see this original Google Map:

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So why is this so?

According to my research i found that in Dark Ages, Medieval  Hospitals were built as arranged in the form of wards shaped like a Cross. The time of these Dark Ages was in 10th-13th century A.D. Source page 3

The Architectural style is known as Transept. It was invented to increase the space in the Church and by definition a transept is a floor plan that looks like a cruciform from sky i.e. cross shaped. Source

This type of floor plan has its roots in Ancient Egypt where Hypostyle Halls were made. Source page 393

Hypostyle Hall at Ben Gurion International Airport 

So why a Hospital was made in the shape of a cross in the 18th Century? Digging a little deeper i found that this Mayo Hospital is only the second hospital that was built in Subcontinent. The first one is Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata. Its in India while Mayo Hospital is in Pakistan although at that time no one knew what would be present day Pakistan or India...

Anyway looking at the satellite images of Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata:

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It seems that there are signs of Cruciform Architctural Plan here as well but unfortunately i am unable to explain what is the meaning of this? Maybe someone can enlighten me?

UPDATE: There is a follow up article with few more questions and answers:
More insight on cross-shaped Mayo Hospital


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  1. you are absolutely right. It is really strange to see this.